Mako Fuwa

About Who is Mako Fuwa?

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Artist’s Statement

One winter evening,
I was walking home alone…
a rabbit appeared in front of me.
A cute rabbit. I liked him.

I tried not to scare him so I could introduce myself.
I know rabbits usually don’t care so much about meeting me…
but this particular one seemed very friendly.

very slowly I moved forward.
One step, two steps, one step back…
another step, one more step…rest.

I looked at him without “looking-looking”.
He is still there, kind of welcoming…

Side steps, diagonal steps… turn around…
I made a tiny dance introducing myself to him.
He was looking straight at me… one bold rabbit.
I was amazed by his stillness…

then, a very funny thing I noticed…
The rabbit was a rabbit,
but it was a rabbit made of branches, wet plastic bag, and shadows….

I looked again…
it was a rabbit.
one more time…
Again, piles of branches, plastic bag and shadows.

one moment it was a pile of garbage,
another moment it looked like a treasure.

I like the fact the garbage can do small sloppy magic on themselves.
I believe in that kind of magic.
If the garbage can act for me and be a treasure of the moment,
I have courage to make something…

Mako Fuwa


2008 the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), MFA studio, chicago
2005 Columbia College, 2nd BA film, chicago
2001 Chuo University, BA law, tokyo